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SNBC Europe B.V.

  SNBC Europe B.V.

  SNBC Europe B.V. is formerly known as Orient Technologies B.V. which is founded in 2001 in The Netherlands. SNBC Europe is responsible for the sales, technical and financial support for all SNBC products within EMEA region.

  As a fully-owned subsidiary of SNBC, SNBC Europe B.V. offers proactive and aftersales technical services and delivers its products from the warehouse in Eersel, The Netherlands. SNBC Europe mainly targets its market through local distributors, resellers and system integrators as well by direct OEM/ODM projects, SNBC Europe B.V. wins the trust and loyalty among its customers by providing superior competitiveness and flexibility.

  SNBC Europe's main products are:

  a. Direct Thermal POS printers (BTP-R880NPIII, BTP-R580II, BTP-R990, BTP-R180II, BTP-R681)

  b. Impact POS printers (BTP-M300)

  c. Direct Thermal Barcode printers (2'': BTP-L520,3'': BTP-L580II and 4'': BTP-L540)

  d. Thermal Transfer Barcode printers (BTP-L42II, BTP-3200E/3300E, BTP-2200E/2300E)

  e. Receipt Mobile printers (BTP-P35, BTP-P36)

  f. Kiosk Thermal printers (2'': BT-T056, 3'': BT-T080R/II/III,BK-T680/T681, 4'': BK-T6112, 8'': BK-L216/L216II)

  g. Kiosk Impact printers (BK/BT-D080)

  h. Scale printers (BT-UR056/UC156)

  i. CIS- scanners (BS-UL088II, BS-ULA4)

  SNBC Europe B.V.

  Address: Meerheide 115, 5521DX, Eersel, The Netherlands

  Phone: +31 (0)497331080 Fax: +31 (0)497386430

  Email: SNBC Europe